Join us behind the facades of palaces, castles and mansions 


Historic Talks presents a range of lectures dealing with history and cultural history in England, France and Denmark.




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Guided tours

Historic Talks offers guided tours in a large number of palaces, mansions and manor houses.




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Historical city walks

Historic Talks brings the audience round to see and admire mansions and houses in the Frederik’s City, Frederiksstaden, in Copenhagen. The history of this unique part of the capital is presented and it will be stated why Copenhagen deserves international fame on the global map of architecture.


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Historic Talks - your expert in danish, english and french cultural history

Historic Talks has specialized in a broad fan of topics within European cultural history in form of lectures, guided tours, city walks and cultural tours.

When you book us you will be met by a team of professional and dedicated experts knowing how to help you only the very best and who truly and most engaging know how to communicate your chosen product. We firmly work to give you a unique experience meeting both your interests and expectations.

We pay great attention to how to inspire you for seeking more knowledge and many of our activities can furthermore be worked to accommodate your specific requests and wishes.

We work fluently in english, danish and french and can hopefully help you in the language you would prefer.

A unique experience with Historic Talks

We present a wide selection of lectures, guided tours and city walks with themes within english, french or danish cultural history. Our cultural tours also take you to other great places in Europe.

Our lectures will among other tell you about the danish Crown Jewels, Versailles, Marie-Antoinette, the danish and french nobility, the royal palaces in France and Stately Homes and country houses in England. All lectures are held in a light inspiring language and accompanied by beautiful photos.

Our guided tours take you in behind the walls of some of the most beautiful castles and manor houses to be found in Denmark. Choose between Rosenborg Castle, Chr. VII’s Palace at Amalienborg, Ledreborg castle, Frederiksborg Palace, Christiansborg Palace and more.    

Do you prefer a city walk in Copenhagen we will open your eyes to a new side of the Frederik’s City, the Amalienborg mansions and the beautiful town houses in this elegant part of the capital. Your knowledge of the history, characters and the architecture in the Frederik’s City will be enriched and you will fully understand it’s unique profile.

Book a cultural tour and experience on close hand

Book one of our cultural tours and go with us abroad. We travel frequently and keep a high standard and carefully planned program. The headline is new cultural and historical knowledge and experiences for our travellers.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and to invite you to share a world of cultural and historical experiences with us.


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